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Protective and maintenance measures for Internet-connected PCs -
Primarily intended for Microsoft Windows XP (*also works with Microsoft Vista)

Browser recommendation:

  - The single most important preventartive/maintenace measure is to use Mozilla Firefox version 3 for web browsing, as it's the most secure, robust and one of the fasstest browsers ever produced. I would also suggested deleting any shortcuts to Internet Explorer v6 or v7 you may have on your desktop.

Mozilla Firefox (current Firefox users be sure to upgrade to the newest Version 3)

Flock (another Mozilla-based option for frequent Firefox users)

Anti-spyware recommendations:

To improve the security of all Internet-connected computers you should install on these anti-spyware applications, such as those listed below. (***Note that spyware is a primary vehicle for identity theft).

  - For the highest possible protection against malware, adware, spyware and Trojans/variants, install all of the applications below (all will work together).
Alternately, install as many as you wish in the order below; they are listed by installation priority.

  - To be effective, these applications require initial and periodic online updating of their definition sets, much like any antivirus application. Remember to update these applications online immediately following installation.
  ***Note that each of these applications has extensive configuration options & help files, as well as tool and features that you may be unfamiliar with. Each will work as intended with their default (recommended) settings.

* (paid, 'Professional Version' provides realtime protection, automatic updating, scanning and removal)


Malwarebytes Anti-Malware* (can be run manually)

Registry/Temporary file cleanup recommendation:

  - After performing spyware cleanup, use the following application to delete invalid registry entries leftover by the spyware. This will optimize your O/S boot time and protect the health of your registry file:



Firewall recommendation:

To improve the security of all Internet-connected computers you should install on these a software firewall application, such that listed below. (This is still the case even if you are also protected by a hardware firewall device built into a broadband router, for example).

Sygate Personal Firewall  (*Vista users may use ZoneAlarm or Windows Firewall instead)

Microsoft Windows /
Microsoft Office Update recommendation:

To address the ongoing patching of newly discovered O/S vulnerabilities, patch to the lastest XP (Service Pack 3) or Vista (Service Pack 2 ) Service Pack and make sure to periodically run:

Microsoft Update  (Upgrade from Windows Update to Microsoft Update and install both critical and optional updates by clicking the 'Custom Update' button, but generally avoid driver updates).

Antivirus applications:

Always have a valid, updateable antivirus application running on your computer. (Remember to update these applications online immediately following installation).

Avira Antivir (free edition)


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