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1. Download the latest Avira AntiVir Personal Edition. (Click here to download).

2. Start the default installation:





3. If you already have Avira installed, click the ' Repair / update ' option, then continue with the defaults:





4. Close all other open programs and click ' Finish ' to restart:



5. After restarting, open Avira (by double-clicking on the red umbrella in the Windows Taskbar).
    Then click on the ' Configuration ' link:



6. Check ' Expert mode ' and click on ' Update ' :



7. Click on ' Product Update ' and select ' Download product updates. If a restart... ' :



8. Click on ' Restart settings ' and select ' Query whether computer should be restarted '. Click OK.



9. Click on ' Start update '



10. If you are using a software firewall program, (such as Sygate Personal Firewall),
      you may get prompted to give some of Avira's components renewed permissions to access the Internet.

   Accept all of these.





11. Click ' Close ' after the update finishes:



You're all done.

Avira Antivir version 9 settings for scheduled updates and expert file scanning configurations should have been preserved.


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