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Windows 7 maintenance instructions

1. Install and run Malwarebytes:
  • Run from SafeMode if necessarry. Download latest, downgrade to free. Reboot.

2. Install Mozy Sync:

  • Set Mozy preferences.

3. Install and run CCleaner:

  • Set computer to auto-login and reboot.

4. Copy to desktop and install Combofix (not on Windows 10):

  • Reboot.

5. Install Revo uninstaller. Uninstall unncessary applications:

  • Reboot.

6. Install, update and configure AVG Free Antivirus:

  • Configure automatic nighrtly scan.

7. Install, update and configure SUPERAntispyware:

  • Configure automatic nighrtly scan.

8. Install Unchecky.

  • No notes.

9. Install AdBlock Plus on all browsers:

  • Clean up invalid browser extensions from Chroms, Mozilla, IE, etc.

10. Update Java, Flash and any other critical, out-of-date applications.

  • No notes.

11. Configure and run Windows Updates:

  • Reboot until all updates are exhausted.

12. Install TweakNow RegCleaner:

  • Set to correct broswer defaults.


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