Solution was to go into Billing and cancel the Android Management addon, resubscribe, then back into Devices>Chrome>Apps & Extensions, select Additional Settings, and toggle Allow on Android applications on Chrome devices. Save. User may need to re-login to the Chromebook, or in my case, a reboot. Play Store was then installed and good to go.

But my user policy still says Play Store blocked for some reason. This might have been an issue from the G Suite transition as I had Android Management since 2017.

Original Post:

Issue on a Lenovo 10e: Play Store on the device refuses to launch because This app requires access to the Play Store. To ask for access, contact the administrator of this device. Settings > Apps > Google Play Store is off and greyed out. Icon indicates This message is managed by your administrator. Settings (and tray) indicates Your Chromebook is managed by your organization at the top.

Play Store is enabled for the OU, but searching my username, Play Store is disabled and I cannot enable it. I am the the sole user using G Suite and force-upgraded to Workspace Standard. Google Support is useless. I can use Play Store if I login using a gmail.com account so I know this tablet runs Android apps.

On the Admin console:

Billing > Get More Services > Devices > Android Management: purchased.
Apps > Google Workspace > Additional Google Services > Play Store, Play Store Console and Managed Google Play is ON for everyone.
Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & Browsers > > Organizational Unit > Additional Settings: Play Store: Allow all apps, admin manages blocklist
BUT if I search my user, App Store is disabled and I can't enable it!