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List of tips for current Windows Operating Systems (Classified as variously applicable to XP, Vista and/or Windows 7):

How to enable Auto-login for Windows Vista (Vista)

Suggested maintenance and security measures for internet-connected PCs (XP & Vista)

Suggested hardware

Maintenance - Windows 7

Download links of undistributed Windows Vista Hotfixes

Download links of popular Windows 7 (64-bit) Hotfixes

New PC deployment guides (Windows XP/2000, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)

How to cascade two Linksys Routers (in either single DHCP or dual, child-parent DHCP configurations)

Configuring a network printer (plus list of Brother installation disk images)

How to set a static IP address on your Brother network printer

How to configure SUPERAntiSpyware

How to Alphabetize the All Programs list

How to upgrade Avira AntiVir from version 9 to version 10 (plus a download link for Avira Antivir version 10)

How to revert to Avira AntiVir version from a later version (plus non-default installation and configuration settings)

Online Anti-virus/Anti-malware scanning tools (Free)

How to resolve Windows 8.1 stuck on checking for updates

Scrabble word lists


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